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Creative Connect

An evening for women!
Designed to suit anyone between the ages 21yrs to 60 yrs, this workshop age, focuses on self-exploration while being a part of the community

It is the Space for yourself, unrestricted, unfiltered, raw!

Join us at the @red55eventstudio
On Dec 3rd , 5pm
Parking available at the venue but the metro connectivity is even better ! Come in the metro, dedicate your day for complete relaxation.

About Nrityaatma

Dance – Childhood passion that turned into a career. Trained in over 6 dance styles, Rhutali and Yonita have traveled across the world as performers. They have done over 200 choreographic projects, including original and Bollywood works. They started their own venture – Nrityaatma in the year 2012. They completed their Bachelor’s in Choreography at the renowned Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography, Bangalore. As a part of the course, they have created original dance dramas, along with Production Design (Music, Costume, and Light Design) Nrityaatma aims to educate the youth about dance, through dance.


Nrityaatma’s philosophy consists of the three C’s – Create, Connect, and Celebrate. Our work is all play! We Create unique choreographies for all our clients, be it school or weddings, all of it has a personal touch. We believe in growing with others, and our workshops do just that, they celebrate the community, they celebrate dance!

School Choreography

Mould them young, education through dance is our aim when we do school choreographies .

Corporate Choreography

Dance can be the best ice breaker and a team-building exercise, and we are here to deliver the best!

Wedding Choreography

Celebration in India cannot be without dance, we bring a little more to your thumkas and jhatkas!

Dance Workshops

A mind and movement workshop, focusing on generating stillness amidst chaos.

Short Films

Bollywood or not, a film is incomplete without some movement, we help complete it!


Nrityaatma’s philosophy consists of the three C’s – Create, Connect, Celebrate.

Meet our Founders

Yonita jain

The backbone of Nrityaatma, a caregiver yet the stricter one! . A disciplinarian , she is responsible for all the admin and finances at the company.

Yonita Jain


A fun loving person, carefree and quite the opposite of yonita, she handles the more creative aspects (media and marketing)at the company.



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